• “I am happy to state that the Programme objectives have been fully achieved. This, to my mind, is a kind of programme which truly enables the participants to internalise the learnings. There has been a significant change in the performance pattern of all those who attended this programme. I would have no hesitation in stating that it is a powerful tool to inculcate long lasting change in an individual.”

    S.V. Sohoni
    Divisional Manger, Personnel and Support Services, Hindustan Lever
  • "I have saved a whole month as a result of Time Investment plan. I have now 13 months in a year.”

    Chairman, Cavin Kare Pvt. Ltd.
  • “Our turnover in the Gear Division last year was Rs. 60 crores. This year up to December, we have done Rs. 54 crores. We expect to close the year at Rs. 80 crores - a target which we have been aiming for long. In our MHE Division, the design group has taken about 20% less time than normal in completing design work for a project. LMI has contributed significantly to these achievements. I find people are much more focused. They are very positive and are willing to take challenges. Teamwork has certainly improved.”

    Prayasvin B. Patel
    Managing Director, Elecon Engineering Company Ltd.
  • “The EPP program is definitely very different and has brought about amazing results. The best part was that it touched upon all aspects of life and has helped bring more meaning and quality to my life. It helps you discover yourself, crystallize your thinking to understand what exactly you want in life and then go after it in a focused manner.”

    Anand Nilekani
    Country Manager – Customer Support & Services, Tata Infotech
  • “I have started using practical techniques taught in the lessons to bring attitudinal changes in me. I have started tasting success both in my business and personal life. My team members are showing greater sense of responsibility. All of this has been made possible because of repeated hearing of the cassettes and your capability of encouraging people to produce their best.”

    D.D. Gokhale
  • “Two years back I did Advanced Management program at Harvard Business School. I acquired a vast wealth of knowledge but could not formulate a blue print for success. I was groping in the dark till I went through the EPP conducted by you. The benefits I have derived from your program are innumerable and beyond one to put it in black and white. It clearly specified the fundamental guidelines to improve my productivity as well as team productivity.”

    S.K. Modak
    Sr. VP-Mfg., Usha Martin Industries Ltd.
  • I must admit initially I was not very keen to do this course, as I was quite comfortable in a set routine of going to work and spending rest of the time with family and friends. I feel benefited in all areas of my life. Thanks a lot to you and LMI for showing me the new openings available to me for making my life much more fulfilling and better.

    Geeta Anand
    Managing Director, A.G. Industries Pvt. Ltd.
  • The one major achievement I can claim form this program is the recognition of the need for self alignment, definition, achievment of Smart goals and a better organized more productive life style. And as I am a leader this has created a measurable ripple effect on the organization as a whole. To sup up I feel a fitter person in a springier organization, more able to handle the growth and changed environment process.

    Arvind Verma
    Managing Director, Aimil Sales and Agencies Pvt. Ltd.
  • Attitudinally, there has been a remarkable change. My understanding of people has now become more positive. I have started looking inward. I am now very aware of my emotions and attitudes. I analyse my emotions cognitively and take quick decisions on how to respond to people and situations. I hve come a long way. I have a longer way to go. In terms of my work habits, i must confess that I am totally committed to the goals setting process. I review my goals everyday. I have a long term focus. I am currently working on my family's 100 year plan - the value system I want to percolate in the family. I have developed my vision / mission statement. In my company, the LMI process is helping me put the "Balanced Score Card" tracking in place. I am using affirmation and Visualization extensively - in fact all the tools of EPP Program. Spaced repetition is definitely the key to getting into effective work habits. It is working for me.

    Sandilya Venkatesh.
    Managing Director, CEPIOS Croup.
  • After attending the programme I find that my productivity has improved significantly and I have developed many good habits such as setting written goals, fixing priorities, empowering the team, delegation, listening techniques, concentrating on high pay off activities, spending sufficient time with my family and sparing time for social and cultural activities. The course highlights almost all the aspects of life in a systematic way.

    Mr. Yogesh Munjal
    Managing Director, Munjal Showa Ltd