• I would like to share some of the significant victories that I have enjoyed while going through this program. I’ve started writing the jobs, I’ve to do during the working hours. Classifying them into imperative/important helps me to remain focused on my goals for the day. In the process, the most urgent jobs get done on the same day. I was amazed to see the power of open ended questions which I practiced with some of my team members. I was given the commitment to increase the production by 6% within 15 days & now within 5 days we have a 3% increase in production. Orientation towards the results has helped me in overcoming the perfectionist tendencies in me. In the areas of personal health, I have been able to start a regular exercise schedule which is a must for a patient of cervical. Before attending EPP I was not able to keep a regular exercise regime. The change in habits has brought tremendous results. The regular reading and listening to the lessons over a period of 8 weeks has changed my habit of sitting before TV while at home. Considerable reduction in TV time has made me richer by atleast 1 hour daily & has enabled me to revive my habit of reading. Reading provides me with food for the mind & enables me to use my capabilities to a greater extent. During the course of the program I had fixed a weekly personal goal of fixing a time for puja in the evening which has beed achieved.

    A.K. Sharia
    Munjal Showa Ltd
  • The EPP has helped me to practically see the effect of delegating jobs to others. I have been able to give up my perfectionist attitude to some extent and to become more result oriented. This has given me more time to attend to jobs which are really meant for me. During the EPP course, I have been implementing a lot from what I learnt. I have shared my thoughts with senior people in the organization and we have found that most of the knowledge when put up in practical use has brought about enthusiasm in all the people in the organization and our productivity has actually improving.

    Vipin Raheja
    Manager Director, Napino Auto & Electronic Ltd.
  • I have taken the following steps to implement the learning and a sea change has come into the results of my efforts :- 1. I have a pre-decided schedule having prioritized goals for the day. 2. I have divided my time as per my requirements. My meetings, reviews and business, family and social obligations go strictly by the clock. 3. I have delegated most of the activities that do not need my personal attention to suitable persons. 4. Also, I am able to do more justice to my roles in Ludhiana Management Association, Rotary Club, ITI, Eye hospital etc. These give me a greater scope for utilizing my leadership talent for the general good of the business community and society.

    Mahesh Munjal
    Managing Director, Majestic Auto Ltd.