• "I have benefited from the program professionally in terms of the following: Greater successful completion of goals, because of focus on high pay-off activities.Developing a habit of "scheduling and planning" for each day. Taking the process of goal setting one layer lower in the organization to include team members resulting in a goal directed team. Finding and additional 30-60 minutes for concentration on high pay-off activities as a result of delegation and prioritization of activities. On the personal front, I have been able to minimize the time spent on low pay-off activities, leading to an increase in the quality time I spend with my family."

    Suneel Bandhu
    Reliance Telecom Limited
  • "45% increase in sales in last quarter over previous quarters with focused approach, cost reductions which would yield sizable profit on annual basis, completed planning for new project."

    Bharat Chokshi
    Grand Polycoats Company Pvt. Ltd., Vadodara
  • "This programme helped the team to look at the business as a team, achieving 1st quarter target 100% in terms of sale and profit. It improved Inter & Intra departmental communication and response time due to which we are sure to achieve this year A.O.P. target 100%."

    D.R. Swar
    Vice President (Medium Engines), Kirloskar Oil Engine Limited
  • “I am now able to effectively utilize 45 minutes more of my time only for planning which is so every essential for my job responsibilities. We have been able to achieve a sales figure of over Rs. 5.5 crores during the month of July which is an all time record for the month.”

    S. Das Gupta
    General Manager SalesBorosil Glass Works Ltd
  • “I, would not hesitate in recommending the EPP program to anyone since it adds value more than any other program I know about. But I must add a word of caution about cynicism. This is a program that needs to be accepted as one that works and one that can make life easier for you – without conceptual / intellectual evaluation. Because what we need is a simple, practical, implement able program. I am weary of high conceptualization.”

    Mr. B. Santhanam
    Managing Director, Saint Gobain Glass India Ltd.
  • “ I have already started implementing the ideas as far as my job & personal life is concerned by making four goals & I would like to mention here that I have so far achieved Rs. 1,000 Mil. cost saving in one of my goal of material cost reduction.”

    Vivek C. Mahajan
  • “My time management skills improved. I saved a total of 70 Minutes/day (30 minutes from professional life and 40 from personal life and utilizing the same for creative planning and self development. Long pending things got started and procrastination under control. My public speaking skills improved through this programme. I had the confidence to address a gathering of over 160 people recently. This is a new found confidence I obtained through this programme.”

    V.B. Pillai
    Manager, Mazagon Dock Limited
  • “ Some of the ways in which I have personally benefited from the program have been a heightened awareness of self worth and potential, the ability to stay focused and increasing empathy towards colleagues and subordinates, thus leading to enhanced productivity. In fact, according to my estimation, I detect an improvement of around 60% in all my activities after completion of the program.”

    Mahendra Vyas
    Senior Officer, ICICI Investors Services Limited
  • “ LMI course made me understand how I am wasting and using my available 1440 mins of time each day. Now I make planning of my time and concentrate on 20% work/activities which gives me 80% of the day's result. Written plan helps me to identify conflicts between various priorities and eliminate damaging frustration.”

    Dr. Rajan R. Shirsat
    Excel Industries Ltd.
  • "The program has made tremendous changes in our attitude and functioning as a leader of the company. It has provided a path to put our knowledge in to action/ implementation. The last financial year turnover was increased by 31% against targeted 20%. The production has increased from nearly 7.5 machines per day to 9 machine per day during the program and to day it is about 11 machines per day with same manpower and machinery. The productive time of both men and machines has happened. And all this has happened by changing our own attitudes. Despite increased output the people are more motivated. One side we have reached such a fantastic results, we have reduced our working time by one hour a day. The other hidden and even more important advantage is, understanding between us, the two directors has improved a lot. On personal front, life has become more cheerful. I could change my son's attitude drastically by changing my attitude / communication with him.”

    Niraj Parikh
    Director, Dhankesh Patel – Director, Elecon Machines Pvt. Ltd.