• "We have found the training beneficial to increase our productivity and overall change in positive attitude of our employees. Although we have derived many benefits, I would like to name few of them as under: To speed-up development programme of our new products. Effective commissioning of our new products and achieved better performance level and greater availability of the machines. Shipment of critical components by sea instead of air ahead of schedule. Collection - 20% higher than target. Overdue outstanding reduced by 33%. Development of new vendor/ alternate sources of inputs.&quot

    C.T. Dave
    Executive Director, Eimco Elecon (India) Ltd.
  • "I had been working abroad for about 17 years before joining ICICI Bank, and I have undergone several Management programs conducted by various Management Institutes; and I always believed LMI is another such programs. But I have to admit that you have proved me wrong. I am still not sure whether it is LMI or it is you who made the difference! It could be a combination of both. I am able to find more free time now and I am a much happier person now."

    Mr. George Williams
    Branch Manager, ICICI Bank
  • “The programme is filled with ideas which I can use in all areas of my life. The programme has a different taste comparing with any other training session. It has started helping me to move forward in a planned way investing less time. I am very much benefited by this programme as it will help me to change my dreams to reality.“

    Pradeep Kumar Ray
    Dy. Manager, East India Pharmaceutical Works Limited
  • "I found the course both motivating and highly beneficial. I have balanced the wheel of life. The course was found to motivate even those who are of an advanced age as 65.“

    SBK Menon
    Chief Engineer, Kerala State Electricity Board
  • "Program made a thousand rose buds bloom in me and I now lead a very satisfying all round life where there is a perfect balance between office & home. Everyone feel that I have suddenly changed tremendously...& to everyone's good. I am well on my way to surpass my business target by over Rs. Ten Crores. (a completion of nearly Rs. 49 crores of premium income compared to Rs. 30 crores last year !!) At home too I spend good relaxed time with every one. In short I am having a great time.”

    V. Krishnan
    Sr. Divisional Manager, The New India Assurance Co. Ltd.
  • "The program has helped not only in our day to day work, but also in our personal life. It has helped us in getting more co-operation and more positive efforts from our colleagues and subordinates. Overall increasing generation - PLF increased by 4.4%. Reduction in oil consumption - 0.29%. Reduction in water consumption by 50,000 cu.mt. (approx.) per day. Overall administrative capacity has also increased."

    U.C. Gandhi
    Chief Engineer (C&O), Gujarat Electricity Board
  • "My management me as a Manager in Manish Nagar Branch. This Branch has a business of over Rs. 70 crores. I know my posting in this branch is to increase the business to 100 crores which I will do successfully. Not only this, after completing your programme, a different Bhavna will handle any kind of situation successfully and in a positive way.“

    Bhavna C. Limdi
    Branch Manager, Dena Bank
  • "I got many benefits from this programme, namely: consciousness of time & Interruptions, setting goals and achieving them. I understood the importance of balancing my wheel of life & started giving required time to family. I improved my communication further and also really delegated lot of low-pay-off tasks. But the greatest benefit I got I improved my Focus. I have achieved a sales turnover of Rs. 10 crore this year."

    Yatin Shah
    Modern Chemical Corporation
  • "LMI brings in changes in people as they discuss the LMI concepts through discussions in their real life situation which they face every day through application. Few specific areas of improvements observed are listed as follows: Validation/qualification of overseas vendors for few of our key raw materials advanced by 3 months. Downtime in plant reduced by 8%. The marketing team has generated new business of 30 lacs in the last two months. ISO-14001 scheduling and gearing up is tow weeks earlier than anticipated. Improved delivery compliance. The returns in terms of tangible impact on the bottom line is many times the investment made.“

    Soumitra Banerjee
    Rubamin Pharmaceuticals
  • "After 3 months of my training the real effect of training in my life is growing day by day. I may mention that as a direct consequence of this program we have achieved: Focused attention on export market could achieve four times the production 2,00,000 pieces to 8,00,000 pieces. Identify continuous improvement programs. 15 sintered material movement reduced per furnace. Plant lay-out. Productivity Increase from 400 pcs per hour to 1000 pcs per hour. This course taught me to implement in a very practical way many policies and practices of Management which I otherwise would not have been able to do."

    A.S. Desai
    Executive Director, Mahindra Sintered Products Limited