• “Simply put, EPP program has been mind-blowing, fantastic, rocking! It has been a watershed in my career as well…both as professional as well as personal. And a course correction which I now realize was surely needed has now been provided by EPP. Now it is upon us to take it forward and actually imbibe the processes that are required for effectively increasing our productivity.”

    “Simply put, the EPP program has been a fantastic experience. It has been a water-shed in my professional as well as my personal life. A course correction that I now realize was surely needed has been provided by this program. It is upon us now to take it forward and imbibe the processes required for effectively increasing our productivity.”

    Mr. Akhil Wahal
    Project Head, Ripples Group
  • “The EPP program has totally changed my life and my outlook towards my business. I had come to a standstill that after this now what to do in my company. But, after doing this now I realize that there is so much to do and I think that there are…I can take my company to much, much greater level than what I am doing just now.”

    “This program has completely changed my outlook, especially towards my business. I had come to a standstill and did not know what to do next in my company. But, EPP has helped me see many more possibilities. I can now take my business to a whole new level of achievement.”

    Ms. Asha Raina
    Director, Ripples Group
  • On that final frontier, the journey with-in, LMI’s EPP programme rekindled my desire to take a deep dive with-in. Facilitated by Sameer, I have been able to put together a framework for better understanding my attitudes, my behaviour, my habits... my ‘self’! From an organisation perspective EPP has helped the ED team reach a common denominator of understanding on what we aspire to be as an organisation, helped us better articulate our purpose, clarified the goals we need to achieve to ensure that we stay ‘on-purpose’ and instilled in us a contagious enthusiasm, which will help us motivate team members who did not participate in the programme and give the participants a sustaining, positive energy. Although I participated in the programme remotely (from London, via video-conference) everything went smoothly. My sincere thanks to Sameer and to SKC, they have made an invaluable contribution to the future of ED.

    Atul Pant
    Co-founder and Managing Director, Enabling Dimensions Private Limited
  • It was such a rewarding and enriching experience which has helped me to transform my working environment – through identification of priorities, high & low pay off activities, setting of goals, organization and personal vision and mission. I recommend to all executives in private & public sector undertakings, irrespective of their experience and age to go through this course and utilize their best potential in realizing their organization & personal goals.

    M.C. Bansal
    General Manager, Ambuja Agro Industries Ltd.
  • The workshop has certainly shifted my attitudes toward planning and I am working hard to put those attitudes into practice each day. I am making hard to put those attitudes into practice each day. I am making progress and I appreciate your support in encouraging the shift. The number of improvements I have made include use of a commitment book, monthly goal planning, prioritization of tasks, weekly planning time. Many other ideas are still being fine-tunred and implemented. The effectiveness of the course had encouraged me to recommend our senior executives to go through your course.

    Shyam Gupta
    Managing Director, Ambuja Agro Industries Ltd.
  • I would like to share some of the course experience which has changed me. Physical & Health : By setting a goal. I started morning walk & evening walk after meal and maintaining it regularly the result of this has given me great success in controlling my temperament keeping my health fit. Mental & Educational : I have made my habit of reading at least for 45 minutes every day after returning back to my house. Which is a great knowledge fully study. Family & Home : I along with my family spend time daily in regards to my house activity I have also regained some of my old friends and they are now again my friends. Carrier & Financial : At work place I have, highly motivated & empowered team now, With every body efforts refection has reduced by 1% and are trying for 0% refection, Productivity has improved. Enthically & Spiritually: I have a much more satisfying life. I have fixed a amount for donation every month. I start my day prayer for all human being welfare. All my thinking and action are focus on values and ethics.

    V.K Sharma
    General Manager, Bajaj Motors Ltd.
  • “Many Thanks for your guidance and leading us all the way to enrich ourselves with the LMI program. It has been a great opportunity and experience to learn and interact with my colleagues on improving productivity on both official and personal front. Your style of facilitation has been enjoyable, making it participative, and an overwhelming experience. I have also personally achieved many goals during the sessions giving me an insight and reminding me of the equal importance of setting and achieving personal goals along with official work goals. Many thanks to you once again.”

    Ramesh Srinivasan
    Manager, Castrol India Ltd.
  • I find myself to be the luckiest person to be given this opportunity to attend LMI’s Effective Selling Strategies Program. I have attended lot many programs in my whole career but this program was totally unique from the others. Those were the unforgettable moments when you had begun the program showing the tremendous enthusiasm in your presentation, highly smiling and glowing face with command able work expressions, gave me the feeling as if some power and zeal has been injected which I had been lacking till the date of the start of the program. I found this program completely implementation oriented rather than just any other training program.

    Ajay Manchanda
    Regional Sales Manager, Delphi Automotive Systems Ltd.
  • "The achievement of the goal gives confidence and satisfaction to the individual. High pay off activities, low pay off activities, prioritization, time management, communication, meetings with agenda and limits and return on investment of time are discussed, and practiced by repetition till they become habits. The systematic delegation and empowerment can result in effective team work and achievement of targets, thought to be impossible, were achieved within stipulated time. during this course, we took focused goal in the manufacturing area and achieved increased production which otherwise though was impossible. The increased production of Cypermethrin, Alphamethrin and Permethrin resulted in a saving of Rs. 29 lakhs. This was possible because of empowerment and delegation to the shop-floor people and I am happy to state that they did a wonderful job in the manufacturing area.“

    Dr. KR Ramachandran
    G.M – MFG, RPG Life Sciences Ltd.
  • "Major improvements were achieved in the following areas: Monocrotophos - 2% yield improvement. Mancozeb production - 15% increase in production with no additional investment. 100% recycling of drums. Devrinol - 3% yield improvement - effective effluent management. 75% reduction in commissioning time of a project. Safety - drastic reduction in man-hours lost and number of accidents. Bottom line impact - Rs. 2.0 crore per year."

    Dr. Amul Desai
    G.M. Manufacturing, United Phosphorus ltd