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Planning and compliance have become important factors in the Indian taxation system. The taxation as a subject is complex and despite the lawmakers attempts at simplifying the subject, it has always remained the most complicated subject of the business enterprise. Our policy of creating clear understanding in the minds of the clients and attempting to pre-empt any litigation has lead to a very sound tax practice. Our long term clients rarely go through the hassle of unnecessary litigations.

Company Law

Advisory Services regarding all company law matters, Incorporation of Companies, Company Secretarial Services - compliance with Company Law requirements, maintenance of Minutes and other statutory records, Filing of necessary documents with the Registrar of Companies. Representation before Registrar of Companies, Company Law Board and Government


In today's volatile business environment, organizations face a wide array of complex business risks. These risks come in the form of many issues: regulatory compliance, litigation, competitive market pressures, changing technology, investor demands, corporate governance, business ethics, and accountability. India's integration into the global markets has brought with it additional challenges of quality and optimum productivity and efficiency. How clients manage these risks is critical to the future of their organizations.

SKC’s Internal Audit Services

Effective Leadership Development (ELD)

An Effective Leader is the one who can guide, coach, counsel his/her team members with consistent and clear processes. Masters the art of delegation and effectively uses each team member as own hands.
Process Goals
Master the time tested process of delegation
Get more from your team members
Develop and Empower your team
Manage your and your people's time
Get higher productivity through your team

Effective Sales Strategies (ESS)

Improve sales policies and surpass your competition by adopting the right approach to sell.
With a crucial understanding of the marketing tools, in this program, we help you identify the suitable target market and teach ways of conquering it.

Process Goals

Improve sales through effective skills and attitudes
Defining the market
Approaching prospects
The sales interview
Discovering buying motives
Closing sales
Professionally handling stalls and objections


Effective Motivation Leadership (EML)

Motivational Leadership is the ability to lead and motivate others. A motivational leader understands and believes that people are the source of all progress and innovation.

Effective Management Development (EMD)

Develop the skills for management expertise and smooth-sail your way through the most critical of situations.
Here, we equip you with all managerial qualities like dynamic decision making, stress control and judicious use of power and authority.

Process Goals

Become an effective manager
Achieve success through goal setting
Get results through time management
Maximize personal productivity
Empower other people
Balance authority and power productively
Improve communication skills

Effective Personal Leadership (EPL)

Personal leadership is the ability to lead yourself. Most people just let life happen to them and then suffer the consequences. Personal leader determine the life they want and through planning and action make it happen.

Understanding Business

Success needs effective implementation of a winning strategy. Success also means “Habit of achieving Goals”. The degree of Business Success is directly proportional of how effectively the gap between intent and implementation is filled. This requires a certain self-mastery along with a balance between managing and doing.

Understanding Strategy

Financial Goals are mostly very clear (and very dear) to all of you. All of us want to make money. For accomplishing this, there are three types of resources at your disposal: People, Time and Material. While material can be stocked or purchased, People and Time can only be effectively used. Of these two, Time is common to all business units, the main differentiating factor that emerges is “people”. Over the past years, businesses have focused more on the effective use of material resources. This has given them success but it has mostly been limited.

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