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1. Is the program for individuals or organizations?
Ans. The program is for people, working under any setup, as individual entrepreneurs as well as team leaders in organizations.
2. Our business is unique with unique challenges will the program really help us?
Ans. We work with humans and human factor is common everywhere in the world. There are only cultural differences. When we work on basic attitudes, learning is automatically applied according to the difference by the participants in their respective domains.

What Do People Say


LMA has trained over 100,000 participants, and currently has a team of 160 people across Australia and New Zealand working with over 1,600 clients to improve their productivity, performance, and leadership.

Results and Gaurantees


Our aim is to help your people feel more valued, confident and engaged.

The progress is constantly reviewed to meet the objectives established at the start and it is made sure that the momentum is maintained. We follow a unique and personalized process that ensures measurable results and definite return on investment for our clients. Our experience and efficiency in delivery gives us the confidence to offer a Results Guarantee.



We essentially believe that the people in an organization have the tremendous power of choosing a path for themselves and their organizations. The limitations that they experience are only self-imposed.

Format and Methodology


Our programs and services are for people, working under any setup, as individual entrepreneurs as well as team leaders in organizations.

Knowing the busy schedules that our clients follow, an easy to pursue course plan has been designed. Our methods include reading and application exercises from LMI University, Texas, USA.

Understanding Leadership



An effective Leadership is the one under which all stakeholders realize their respective potential. While doing so, the Leader accomplishes the organizational Goals too.




Sameer Kamboj

Founder and Principal Consultant of SKC Consulting Pvt. Ltd., Sameer Kamboj is amongst a few Chartered Accountants who has expertise with numbers and indepth knowledge in the field of Finance, General Management, and Business Processes. His deep understanding of the Human Capital with the Emotional Quotient makes him unique. He is a Strategy Consultant and Business Coach.

He is a Counsel and advisor to organizations helping them reach their potential holistically. He empowers and prepares organizations in dealing with issues at micro level while maintaining the macro view. With this he uses his diverse experience of the past while preparing organizations for the future. He is a Leadership Coach and is a partner of Leadership Management International Inc., USA (LMI) which is the world's oldest and largest professional development company. He has successfully coached numerous people and facilitated them to achieve their respective potentials. He conducts Transformational Change Leadership Programs both for companies to meet goals of companies and for individuals in various Executive Showcase Programs. He is also a member of Alliance Audit in Singapore, a consultancy company which is member of IGAL.

He is an active speaker at various seminars. He deliberates on the topics related to Leadership, Management, Productivity, Indian Business models, and Human Capital.


Shalini Kamboj

Executive Director at SKC Consulting Pvt. Ltd., Shalini Kamboj is an Organizational Psychologist. She has been associated with SKC since the year 2004. She is an expert in analyzing organizational problem points and providing grounded & practical solutions. She has introduced the concept of people development to meet strategic business challenges. People Development for clients to implement the laid down Strategic Goals became a success. Her unique approach to her work, which remains simplistic at its core yet resolves the most complicated challenges, has won her laurels over the years. Shalini works through the time-tested methods of organizational counseling, with a deep understanding of human behavior and its complexities. She assists people in overcoming their limitations and motivates them to strive for better performance every time.
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