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Recommit Every Day

In my previous series of articles on the Keys To Your Future, I have outlined the first four keys to your success: Focus, Unique, Teamwork, and Urgency. Focus is what keeps you concentrated on your goal; Unique describes the unique gift or talents that we all posses for achieving our goals; Teamwork is the vital ingredient for an organization’s success; and Urgency is the fuel that causes you to act to achieve your goal. The fifth key to your success is to Recommit every day to your goals.
In working with our representatives around the world in over sixty different countries, I have had the opportunity to observe both very successful people as well as people who haven’t realized their goals. If I had to pinpoint one reason why some people don’t achieve the level of success that they aspire to it is because of a lack of commitment.
Every great success involves dedication, singleness of purpose, and an overpowering desire to accomplish the goals that you set out. This is what commitment is. There are a number of keys to making commitment work for you in your life.

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