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Effective Personal Leadership (EPL)

Personal leadership is the ability to lead yourself. Most people just let life happen to them and then suffer the consequences. Personal leader determine the life they want and through planning and action make it happen.

Make a difference and realize your untapped potential as a leader by self-motivation and specific goal setting.
This program focuses on improving the self-image and imparting the essential qualities of leadership.

Process Goals

Understand the power of specific purpose and goal setting
Improve motivation, self-confidence and self-image
Build on your personal strengths
Alter attitudes, behaviors and habits to create long-term positive change
Create a personal plan of action to match your vision and values
Make choices for success by overcoming past conditioning
Overcome obstacles to leadership


The program is meant for individuals wanting to reach their full potential in all areas of life. It is ideal for business leaders, professionals, owners and self-employed individuals.

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