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Understanding Business

Success needs effective implementation of a winning strategy. Success also means “Habit of achieving Goals”. The degree of Business Success is directly proportional of how effectively the gap between intent and implementation is filled. This requires a certain self-mastery along with a balance between managing and doing.

Competing businesses are like the best teams playing against each other. Each team has a Goal and an underlying strategy. But the team which has attained self mastery and is led in such a way that each player plays to his / her strengths, that team may lose a game or two but is never defeated. Your attitudes propel your action. Your self mastery puts you in charge of yourself. This is made possible through Business and Strategy Coaching.

Each player, however good he or she may be, needs to learn the application of techniques under their unique circumstances and suiting their specific strengths. People who watch from sidelines may know more about the game, but you win it only when you play.

To win, you also need to protect yourself from your weak soft spots. You also need to reach your Goals in an inclusive manner wherein all your stakeholders contribute as well as benefit. Your knowledge and intelligence must combine towards an implementable action to manage time, people and Goals in a way that effectively implements your strategy.

Jargons, concepts, intelligence and theories are good for discussion, but success needs simple tools which can be applied by people easily and repetitively.