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Understanding Strategy

Financial Goals are mostly very clear (and very dear) to all of you. All of us want to make money. For accomplishing this, there are three types of resources at your disposal: People, Time and Material. While material can be stocked or purchased, People and Time can only be effectively used. Of these two, Time is common to all business units, the main differentiating factor that emerges is “people”. Over the past years, businesses have focused more on the effective use of material resources. This has given them success but it has mostly been limited.

Your business is done amongst People. These people resources can be in the form of your staff, customers, suppliers, service providers, family, etc. It will not be an understatement to say that your success ultimately depends on how well these people resources work for you.

Since you are not alone in carrying out your actions, your people also need to be effective at their use of people resources. Your success is directly dependent on how effectively you and these people utilize the given infrastructure and other resources to meet their Goals.