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What Do People Say


LMA has trained over 100,000 participants, and currently has a team of 160 people across Australia and New Zealand working with over 1,600 clients to improve their productivity, performance, and leadership.

By establishing our clients aim prior to course commencement, working within specific guidelines towards predetermined goals and objectives while utilising our unique delivery process, LMA has been delivering measurable results and return on investment for over 30 years. In fact, we are so confident about the results we can deliver we offer a Results Guarantee.

How does it work? As a first time client, if you are not completely satisfied with the results that haven't been achieved with your people by halfway through our process, we will accept the return of the resource material and refund 100% of your money. We do this for two reasons: 1) we only want to work with people who are committed to using our process in developing their people, and 2) we are confident in offering this guarantee because we know the results we will deliver, and believe you will be more confident to discuss the possibility of an ongoing relationship once you have seen them for yourself.

If you are new to LMA and would like to take advantage of our results guarantee and trial our proven process, then contact us. The guarantee is only applicable for first time clients and when the 'Results Guarantee' form has been signed by both parties - be sure to ask our representative how your organisation can take advantage of the Results Guarantee.