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Understanding Leadership



An effective Leadership is the one under which all stakeholders realize their respective potential. While doing so, the Leader accomplishes the organizational Goals too.

A lot has been said about Leadership, but on close scrutiny, it can be noticed that these are mere descriptions of people in various Leadership situations. It is imperative for all to Lead. Every single person is a Leader while being a follower at the same time. So, a lady at the reception leads her children to a better life, a worker may lead a group of charity or temple, an officer may lead in the local association, while someone may lead a group of cooperative society...

While undergoing our program, individual leadership potential is understood by the people under their given situations. They are then in a position to move forward in life with a clear mind and enthusiasm. They no longer live in an "Ideal" world and in fact start helping people in accepting life in its moments while making the earnest effort which brings in the desired change.

All aspects of Body, Mind, Emotions and Life Energy are effectively understood by the Leader. And herein lies the understanding of Leadership. A Leader is an effective person who will use all his/ her life dimensions of Action (Body); Thought (Mind); Feelings (Emotion) and Motivation (Life Energy) towards accomplishing people's personal Goals and Organizations' Strategic Goals, both at the same time.