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People Development

For any organization to effectively implement its strategy and accomplish a goal, it needs it people to be aligned with both the common intent and the respective implementation of strategy. Each part of the organization must function in a certain way which is in harmony with the overall purpose of the action.

SKC masters this science of developing people. We partner with Leadership Management International Inc., USA which is the world’s oldest and largest professional development organization. LMI has worked with over 2.5 million people and with over 100,000 organizations of all sizes and spectrum including most of the fortune 500 since more than 46 years. Working from 72 countries in 23 languages, LMI has become the most loved Transformational Change Program in the world.

Under this vertical, we help organizations fill the gap between their intent and accomplishment.

How our programs work:

We work on a weekly basis, working with the participants once every week for half a day. The facilitation process for each program is customized to meet the specific needs of the group and the organization. All programs provide tangible and measurable results. The Return on Investment for each program is computed by each participant and validated by their respective managers before the program ends.


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