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Format and Methodology


Our programs and services are for people, working under any setup, as individual entrepreneurs as well as team leaders in organizations.

Knowing the busy schedules that our clients follow, an easy to pursue course plan has been designed. Our methods include reading and application exercises from LMI University, Texas, USA.

For organization, these programs are held within their premises saving time for their team, while individuals can attend our Open Forum Programs held at different convenient locations. The medium of deliverance is English / Hindi.

We meet participants and work with them in the following format:

  • * Understand their personal challenges and the areas of concern for the organization
  • * Identify the Goals of the Organization from the superiors of the participants (if it is applicable) and the personal limitations of participants according to their supervisors.
  • * Participants are taken through structured learning on weekly basis using comprehensively written Program manuals and Audio CDs.
  • * They study application of the learning through the Application Action Techniques on a daily basis in their lives.
  • * They also analyze their self limiting attitudes and develop a plan of action to make the desired changes. This results in an immediate yet long-lasting change.
  • * They go through a deep thinking process which helps them imbibe various thinking techniques and resolve conflicts in their lives.
  • * Participants learn through coaching (and not by mere consultation or counseling), which helps them to put the techniques to practice as opposed to only theoretically remembering them.
  • * They discover how to set a clear vision for themselves.
  • * The participants are taught to set Goals in alignment with their vision and also develop a plan of action to accomplish these Goals.
  • * Tools involving Spaced Repetition; Multi Sensory Approach; Goal Setting Techniques; Affirmations; Visualization; Interactive Facilitation; and Continuous Learning are used to help people retain and apply all their important learning in their personal and professional (Work) lives.
  • * A weekly session lasting 4-6 hours is conducted in your premises, which makes this a work oriented program and despite it being a class room driven session, it involves numerous activities which result in phenomenal success for all the participants.