1. Is the program for individuals or organizations?
Ans. The program is for people, working under any setup, as individual entrepreneurs as well as team leaders in organizations.
2. Our business is unique with unique challenges will the program really help us?
Ans. We work with humans and human factor is common everywhere in the world. There are only cultural differences. When we work on basic attitudes, learning is automatically applied according to the difference by the participants in their respective domains.
3. How much time investment is required?
Ans. One session 4-5 hrs. once in a week with the facilitator for 10 weeks -15 weeks (depending upon the program selected) & 1 hr. per day self-working.
4. What are the methods that you use to produce results?
Ans. A well designed program with reading and application exercises from LMI University, Texas, USA. Hand holding, counseling and motivation from the facilitator using different psychological techniques such as group cognitive behavior therapy etc.
5. People are really difficult, change is nearly impossible.
Ans. People are not difficult – its just that that till we don’t find a better way of being we feel comfortable in however we are. When given a choice we are intelligent enough to pick up the right choices. Change just happens, nobody needs to change anybody.
6. In our kind of work lot of travelling is involved, how can we collect our people under one roof for the program at the same time?
Ans. A bit of working is needed. But seeing the effectiveness of the program people are always able to schedule themselves. We hardly have any absentees and if for some critical reason somebody is unable to attend a session, there is a catch up session.
7. Where is the program held?
Ans. For organization – in your premises saving the time of your team. For individuals – Open Forum Programs are held at different convenient locations.
8. Medium of deliverance – English / Hindi.
9. What is the rate of success that you achieve?
Ans. 100%. More than 2.5 million people worldwide and more 17000 in India have benefitted by now.