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Not more than 1% of what you think comes on the strategy board. More than 90% of the strategies made fail! This means that for a lot of activity in the mind and in action, the success achieved is little. Consequently, people live with insecurity and in poor state of self confidence. Most of the strategies fail due to poor implementation. The rest fail because they were poorly drawn!

Process of converting “what” you want into “how” to accomplish is called strategy. The more effective you are at making your strategy, the more successful your initiatives can get. Your final success depends on effective implementation of your strategy. An effective implementable strategy initiative can lead you from wish to fulfillment.

SKC provides you insights into how to be an effective strategist. We also work as your business coach to take you through your specific situations, building on your strengths and working on your weak areas. And remaining consistent in our format and methodology, we aim for tangible and measurable results.

if you plan well, you have a more than fair chance of reaching. Without planning, you consider yourself lucky when you reach. And business is all about consciously and consistently reaching where you want to instead of reaching there by chance. Under this vertical the management develops the necessary skills and attitudes to build winning strategies. We don’t help in developing a specific strategy, rather we empower the leadership in such a way that they form good habits of building effective strategies. We then coach them on the implementation of these strategies.


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